Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A month late, New Year Resolutions!

I've made a promise to myself this year. Read More, Do More. I love to read and my 
ever expanding collection of books can attest to that. This year I wanted to make sure 
I read at least one book a month, and I've been looking for recommendations. Thanks 
to Christmas, I also received a few books that I'm just dying to read: 

Lullabies for little criminals - Heather O'Neil
As well as:
Motorcycles & Sweetgrass - Drew Hayden Taylor
 But the real reason I've written this blog, is to talk about my effort to expand
my jewelry business. I've been telling myself that I'm going to school to learn
how to make a business women out of myself. Well I can hardly call myself that
if I'm not going anywhere with my business. During my "time-off" 
(aka. Recovery from surgery) last year, I was able to get things off the ground, 
including this blog. But once classes began, I became so involved with social
and volunteer activities I pushed my work aside. 

So little by little, I've been making a daily effort to expand my "business."
I ran my very first Craft Show at the Student Centre at the University, 
which I think turned out quite well. A lot of planning, but well worth it!
I've developed a rappoire with a few wholesalers back in Toronto, one who
is even willing to do COD's to me in Windsor. I've also finally updated
my Etsy with a few items, with the promise of more coming soon!
I've also just made my first Treasury on Etsy, that I feel quite proud of
and am completely in love with. (Do you think my fiance will know if I buy
everything I listed?)
Light as a Feather Treasury

I've got lots more I want to do and am doing, but of course, there are
only so many hours in a day. Balance in any life is important!
So for now I continue working on the many things that keep
me busy and hope to hear your suggestions on good books!

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