Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Accessory Love - Scarves

Something that can be worn during any season in hundreds of different styles and a multitude of colours is the scarf. Now it's no secret to most that I am a huge scarf lover, I even offer a selection of them in my shop from time to time.

My spring/summer scarves.
Now, it's not like scarves come with manuals on how they can be worn and
I am often told that people don't know how to wear them. So I've decided
to share 10 ideas on various ways to wear the scarf:

1. Loosely wrapped around the neck.

2. Wrapped around the neck and tied in a knot.

3. For the fashion daring, a bow.

4. Tied over and worn to the side.

5. Done best with a square scarf. Fold in a triangle
and wrap ends opposite ways around the neck.

6. Wrapped around several times around the neck
and tuck in the ends.

7. One of my favourite ways, the slip knot.

8. Wrap around neck and cross over once.

9. Tie the ends of your scarf together and wrap
around your neck twice. (Like the infinity scarves)

10. Head wrap. Ever tie a towel around your
head? Basic idea, but twist the scarf
down towards your waist.
Scarves are a great way to add an accessory to your outfit or add a splash
of colour. Not to mention the practical use of a scarf to keep you warm.
(You could also use your scarf as a shawl for those cool summer nights)
There are a multitude of other ways to try out scarves as well as other styles,
so feel free to experiment.

Hopefully there are enough ideas here for you to try it out for yourself!

 A HUGE Thank You to my models who kindly demonstrated for the camera!

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