Monday, May 9, 2011

Awesome Etsy Treasuries!

My Latest Picks on Etsy:

A Treasury that included me and some of the members from my Etsy Team:

I've also been checking out a lot of BNR/BNS or Buy and Replace/Stay Treasuries. The shops that provide supplies seem to do really well, but from experience and feedback, jewelry is a hard sell. They do seem like a really great way to get exposure and support fellow artists and crafters.

Now you may be asking yourself what the heck is a BNR/BNS? These treasuries are designed to help Etsy shops make sales. If you puchase from a BNR, the item you purchased is removed from the treasury and is replaced with an item from your shop.
This continues until they reach a goal of 10, 15 or however many sales. If you purchase from a BNS, the sold item is replaced with an item from the same shop. The curator of the treasury keeps track of your name and will add you to the next BNS treasury. This also continues until they reach a sales goal.

There are BNR/BNS teams on Etsy and many of these treasuries circulating on a daily basis. It helps if everyone included works together to promote these treasuries, this often produces a lot of sales! Regardless if you have an Etsy shop or not, check them out! There's usually good conversation going on, so you can always get to know new people!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Great Treasuries! I always wondered what the difference was with BNR/BNS. Thanks for explaining. They've always seemed a bit scary to me,but I may have to give one a go,they sound quite fun.