Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Handmade vs. Mass Produced

Imagine my disappointment in Aldo Accessories when I found an item that looked like a Medicine Wheel for sale. Now I know that dreamcatchers are a popular massed produced item and can even be found in your local Dollarma or even the very popular moccasin rip-off that have hit the shelves. But this felt much more personal. I tried searching for this item on their website to demonstrate, but could not find it. 

Here's a look at some Real Handmade moccasins, worn by me and my friends, 
but made by my grandmother

So as much as I love shopping at the mall, I also equally love shopping handmade.
Why do I like handmade?

1. I myself, make handmade products.
2. Supporting local artisans in much more gratifying 
than paying Walmart's executives salaries.
3. I will most likely be purchasing something unique!
4. I find that the quality of handmade products are much more
durable than items purchased at most stores.
5. I can find out how and where the item was made.
6. I know that the seller has a passion for what they do.

There are many movements towards living a handmade lifestyle, and while I find
that very, very commendable, I do still purchase items that are not handmade.
Finding the right balance for your life is important. 
But I will still continue to spread the word about the handmade world and
encourage others to support their local artists. 

Want to learn more about handmade movements? Start with Hand Made News that says: The largest handmade craft blog on earth for artisans by artisans
Or to be even more specific you can try reading this article.

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