Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Love and to Cherish

I'm heading to the mall today and am really looking forward to finding a dress for the wedding I will be attending in August! Of course any shopaholic like me now has the perfect excuse to buy an entire outfit.

Potential Dress?
And of course some type of shawl or cardigan when I depart for the evening!

I did have my eye out for a certain dress, but alas, their online store only has a size zero left!

Woe is me. But of course this only leaves room for other possibilities right? I have given myself time to shop for the right outfit. Here are some other items I have my eye on.

These earrings I found on Etsy:

Aldo is one of my favourite stores to shop at and right now I have my eye on these Deviva platform sandals:

These heels were most likely inspired by the very popular Jimmy Choo Keenan Caged Sandal which I would also rock. If only Devonshire Mall carried Jimmy Choo Shoes....

I'm also really liking the leather rocker look and could top it off with something like this:

Ok Ok. So that look might be a little heavy for a wedding, but something along those lines. 
I'll probably have a change of heart 100 times beforehand anyways! And I'll probably make some of my own jewelry to wear to save money, but a girl can still look, Right?!

Of course in the midst of all this, I remember that I am also planning MY wedding for next fall! On top of shopping for all of my own accessories, I still need to shop for my future bridesmaids! (Can you tell I'm excited?!)

For now, I head to mall, where bright and sparkly things await!

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